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Intelligent vendor and document management made for modern teams

Omi offers a centralized platform for complete oversight and management of your finances, contracts, and vendors with simple onboarding and powerful controls.

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Level up your contract and vendor management workflow

Omi makes it easy to keep track of our vendors and gives us actionable insights into our finances where we don’t have to open excel

YC Founder
The Old Way
Contracts are scattered between different systems and inboxes
Unclear when contracts will renew and expire
Lack of insight into the financial impact
Disjointed workflows and communication
Contracts consolidated in one place and always up to date
Automatically see new renewals & notifications on one page
Powerful financial controls to help you budget and plan
Easily search and collaborate on contracts
The Omi Way
Use Cases

For every use case in your organization

Omi solved our CFO's biggest fear, getting relegated to numbers.

YC Founder

Cut down on waste and increase your savings.

Incorporate your financial policies into every purchase and request, achieving precise cash flow control through invoice reconciliation, accounting integration, and payment orchestration.

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All of the manual work is gone, now we can focus on what's important.

YC Founder

Automate processes with ease.

Establish a unified entry point for purchase requests, including approval workflows, and gain early visibility into all business expenditures.

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Managing renewals was such a pain before Omi. Now we don't even have to think about it.

Managing Director

Operations for contract and vendor management at scale.

Efficiently manage contracts and vendors at scale. Optimize operations for seamless and scalable vendor management.

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I understand the full obligation of every contract now. This wasn't possible before Omi.

YC Founder

Spend visibility to inform better decision-making

A reliable source of real-time data for making proactive spending decisions. Save valuable time by eliminating time-consuming and error-prone processes. Reduce rogue spending and mitigate risks with enhanced financial controls.

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Any question about a vendor or contract I can answer within seconds. This saved so many compliance headaches for us.

YC Founder
Audits and Compliance

Compliance, Audits, and Due Diligence without the stress

Stay on top of your audits and compliance with a single source of truth for all your vendor spend. Make due diligence a breeze.

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A single source of truth for all of your finance and operations

We needed a place to centralize all this info instead of having to go to a link on Jira, open a folder on Google Drive, update a Google Sheet. Omi solved this for us.

Head of Finance, Series A
Intake and Procurement

Establish a unified entry point for purchase requests to achieve early visibility into all business expenditures.

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Contract and Vendor Management

SaaS management, contract management, and spend management in one platform.

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Insights and Intelligence

Easily explore categories, access benchmarks, and analyze trends within minutes, empowering insightful spend analysis.

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Financial Controls

Embed your financial protocols into every purchase and request, ensuring meticulous cash flow management through invoice reconciliation, seamless accounting integration, and efficient payment orchestration.

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All of your tools on one platform

Integrate your procurement tech stack with Omi for greater visibility and control, without disrupting your stakeholders.

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